Radius Search

An easy way to find out what licenses are around a location is to do a radius search.

First, head to the FCC GenMen Site search:  FCC General Menu Reports

Going down the page:

On the Service Selection drop-down:  Specific Services Only

Check:  Land Mobile - Private

Under Location Search Method:  Point Radius

Under Radius:  Start with 1 Km / 0.5 Mi

Go to a geocoder site:  

DMS - Decimal converter

Put in address, city, state.  Then put the degrees-minutes-seconds into Location Specification on the FCC page.

Hit Submit Query!

Using "Land Mobile - Private" screens out a lot of the pager and cell licenses.  
You can also put in a frequency range to limit your search.
Start with a small radius and then you can move outwards from there.
Keep in mind that the lat/lon filled in on FCC applications is sometimes wrong!