Oklahoma Trunked Licenses

All Public Safety licenses in Oklahoma have been rebanded.  

Any notes are my opinion on what is going on.  If you monitor one of these systems, let me know what is really going on.

Oklahoma Conventional 700 / 800 licenses with a Public Safety radio service designation

KNBU457 	State of Oklahoma 

Oklahoma / National 800 band interop licenses:

POST Rebanding

Channel (MHz) NPSTC Name Short Name Description
806.0125 Mobile 8CAL90 CAL91 National Calling
851.0125 Base/mobile 8CAL90D CAL90D National Calling
806.5125 Mobile 8TAC91 TAC92 National Tactical
851.5125 Base/mobile 8TAC91D TAC91D National Tactical
807.0125 Mobile 8TAC92 TAC93 National Tactical
852.0125 Base/mobile 8TAC92D TAC92D National Tactical
807.5125 Mobile 8TAC93 TAC94 National Tactical
852.5125 Base/mobile 8TAC93D TAC93D National Tactical
808.0125 Mobile 8TAC94 TAC95 National Tactical
853.0125 Base/mobile 8TAC94D TAC94D National Tactical